Trevor Park, Eric Child and Paul Nolan after completing our open house series for the 2016 National Garden Railroad Convention.

The Fern Creek and Western Garden Railroad, located in Santa Cruz, California, is an F Scale (1:20.3) garden railroad that was started in 2014 by Eric Child and Trevor Park. The railroad was originally conceived to be a small loop in the back yard of the property it is located on. However it was soon decided to build the railroad all the way out to the front yard in the current configuration it is today. The railroad originally started as just a loop from front yard to back yard, but through many different iterations and changes, it is now transforming into a railroad that is built for prototypical operations and display running. What started as a small project, meant to only take the summer, has transformed itself into a Garden Railroad empire! With over 350 feet of mainline track, 2 yards, nearly 20 engines and well over 70 pieces of rolling stock, the railroad continues to grow. Eric, Trevor and Paul Nolan are continually working on the railroad, along with many other friends who help along the way. The railroad was built to model the narrow gauge railroads of Coastal California and everyone young and old is sure to enjoy the Fern Creek and Western as a testament to the dedication of what was once considered a distant fantasy by its creators.

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